бездна    [ˈbʲeznə]

        бeз = without      дно = bottom / deep


BÉZNĂ is a theatre collective formed in London in 2013 by Sînziana Koenig and Nico Vaccari who were brought together by the need to make bold political theatre that delves to the depths of societal inequality and challenges society's normalised and institutionalised violences. Since its formation BÉZNĂ has been committed to social activism through theatre in artistic and educational environments and within communities throughout Romania and the UK.


We consider theatre a powerful platform for grassroots activism.

We create socially driven interventionist theatre that challenges inequality through new artistic forms.

We aim to promote empathy, empower our audiences and inspire change.


Sînziana Koenig - Co-artistic director

Sînziana is a theatre director, playwright, dramaturg and activist. Trained as a theatre director at Drama Centre London, she co-founded BÉZNĂ Theatre with Nico in 2013. Sînziana directed BÉZNĂ’s debut production in London which explored the dynamics of violent power structures in a prison environment (Deathwatch by Jean Genet). As director Sînziana has also tackled rape culture and online misogyny (boyz and girlz) and the relationship between capitalism, consumer apathy and the climate crisis (VINOVAT,-Ă) and she has worked on BÉZNĂ's last 5 productions as dramaturg and/or writer. Sînziana is an animal rights activist and is also responsible for BÉZNĂ’s video teasers, trailers, dramaturgy and translations.


Nico Vaccari - Co-artistic director

Nico is a theatre director, playwright and activist. He trained in Theatre Directing at Drama Centre London and co-founded BÉZNĂ Theatre in 2013. His work with BÉZNĂ has investigated the destructive impact of unfettered capitalism and mass-privatisation in post-communist Europe (CRIME), the relationship between interrogation techniques [war], hardcore heterosexual pornography [entertainment] and interpersonal relationships [love] (CUNTHATE [ URĂ ]), patriarchal violence and femicide in Romania (112) and the relationship between capitalism, consumer apathy and the climate crisis (VINOVAT,-Ă). Nico’s production CRIME won special jury prize for best play and best male actor at the FIST festival in Suceava, Romania. 


Oana Pușcatu - Actor

Oana trained at the National University for Theatre and Film 'I. L. Caragiale' in Bucharest, Romania and since graduating has worked constantly in both independent and state theatres throughout Bucharest. As well as having worked with BÉZNĂ since Sînziana and Nico moved to Bucharest in 2014, Oana is also employed as an actor at Teatrul Mic (The Small Theatre) in Bucharest and is the lead singer of the band AVENUE.


Claire Gilbert - Company producer

Claire is an independent theatre producer with a focus on new, political theatre. As well as working for BÉZNĂ Theatre she is Producer for Squint Theatre, a London-based theatre company that asks big questions about the world through exhilarating and provocative new work and Associate Producer for Out of The Forest Theatre, an ensemble-based theatre company that attempts to redefine the traditional narrative structure of the theatre. She has previously worked for Complicité on The Encounter, A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer and Lionboy and for Wayward Productions on Grief is the Thing with Feathers.


Dan Balfour - Company Sound Designer

Since graduating from Theatre Sound at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Dan has been working solidly designing sound in theatres across the UK. Besides his work with BÉZNĂ, Dan has most recently worked on Effigies Of Wickedness at the Gate Theatre, London and Will Self’s Great Apes at the Arcola Theatre, London. Dan has also worked as Associate Sound Designer for productions like Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny & Alexander at The Old Vic, London and the UK Tour or Duncan Macmillan’s People Places & Things. Dan is a current nominee for best sound design in the 2018 Off Westend theatre awards.


UK company number: 11253771