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Scena9 - 112 premiere in weekly recommendations (Romanian)

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Analize - journal of gender and feminist studies (English)

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Soon to be released interview on the relationship between theatre, politics and activism on the Arts Counsel Podcast.




BÉZNĂ appears in the following books:

Festival Catalogue: 10 years of Temps d’Image Independence. Experiment. Production. produced by Colectiv A.

Performing Freedom: Alternative Theatre in Eastern Europe after the Fall of Communism by Professor Diana Manole with Dr. Vessela Warner, Chapter "The Globalization of Alternative: Romanian Independent Theatre after 1989.”, IOWA UNIVERSITY PRESS.




Deathwatch - Views from the Gods (English)

CRIME - Philip Herbert,  (English)

CRIME - Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods (English)

CRIME - Views from the Gods (English)

CRIME - Iulia Popovici, Observator Cultural (Romanian)

CRIME - Alexandra Mihalcea, (Romanian)

CRIME - Oana Medrea, (Romanian) 

CRIME - Oana Stoica, Dilmea Veche (Romanian)

CRIME - Dana Humoreanu, Monitorul de Suceava (Romanian)

CUNTHATE [URĂ] - Mircea Sorin Rusu, Observator Cultural (Romanian)

CUNTHATE [URĂ] - Ioana Brăilescu,  (Romanian)

CUNTHATE [URĂ] - Karin Budrugeac,  (Romanian)

CUNTHATE [URĂ] - Alexandra Mihalcea,  (Romanian)

boyz and girlz - Oana Bogzaru,  (Romanian)

boyz and girlz - Oana Stoica, Dilema Veche (Romanian)

boyz and girlz - Alex Mircioi, Observatorul Cultural (Romanian)