Premiered 17th March 2018 and still running at Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika, Bucharest.


“When people run out of water they become bad, my mother told me

They become bad and they start wars 

That’s why we have to go to a better place where people will help us."


Today in Europe: The Reclaiming Capitalism conference is taking place in an expensive hotel in Bucharest. There are people coming home from work, tired, who just want to watch TV and worry about their promotion. 

Today, far away: There are people fleeing from climate disasters.


“That’s the beauty of capitalism. There are no limits.“


VINOVAT,-Ă is a one-woman show which confronts the climate crisis, the greatest threat to social justice today. The play examines the relationship between the ideology of laissez-faire capitalism, consumerist apathy and the suffering of people from the global south.


Climate change is happening. The Pacific island nations are disappearing underwater. Bangladesh is currently a third underwater. Once arable land is baking in the sun, rivers are drying, horrendous civil wars are erupting all over the world. Although Europe is not yet feeling major changes, millions of people from countries which barely have a carbon footprint are fleeing their homes in order to stay alive. VINOVAT,-Ă asks whose responsibility it is to stop the global crisis and reminds that it is not too late to act.


With Oana Pușcatu

Written and directed by Sînziana Koenig and Nico Vaccari

Set and costume design: arh. Gabi Albu

Sound design: Daniel Balfour

Accent coach: Lizzie Clarke

Photography by: Nicu Lazur


Produced by Centrul Replika in partnership with BÉZNĂ Theatre. Financed by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național (AFCN).