Premiered in September 2015 at Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika, Bucharest where it is still running. CUNTHATE [URĂ]  has also played at: Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj 2015 - 2016,  MACAZ -  Bar Teatru Coop, Bucharest - as part of the 2016 political theatre season.


CUNTHATE [URĂ] is a piece of polemic feminist theatre. 

CUNTHATE [URĂ] takes a stand against the anti-woman propaganda peddled through profitable GONZO porn, a popular category of pornography that challenges the bodily limits of females through violent sex acts filmed in a documentry-realism style. By comparing the violent pornographic acts to approved political torture and popular culture, CUNTHATE [URĂ] warns of the influence of pornographic violence on our media and of its impact on interpersonal relationships in our society.

The rapes depicted in the performance actually happened, on a vast scale.


“In one word, CUNTHATE [URĂ] is visceral. The succession of violent images physically as well as psychologically does not leave time between one involuntary neural reaction and the next, making the whole audience a subject of and complicit to what is happening on stage.”                

               —  Ioana Brăilescu, Agenda          (original article in Romanian)  


Cast: Florina Gleznea, Katia Pascariu, Oana Pușcatu

Writer and director: Nico Vaccari

Dramaturge: Sînziana Koenig

Set and costume designer: Steliana Ștefănescu

Movement director: Carmen Coțofană

Translation from English to Romanian: Cătălin Bucioveanu

Photographer: Roland Váczi


A BÉZNĂ Theatre and Colectiv A Cluj co-production.

In partnership with Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika and Căminul Cultural.

A Temps D'image International Theatre Festival commission.

This project is supported by the ERSTE Foundation