Premiered in May 2012 at the Platform Studio theatre, London and then as part of the Accidental Festival at the Roundhouse London in May 2013.


“BÉZNĂ Theatre…have produced a visceral, deeply satisfying and beguiling work." -



For your pleasure, three prisoners will compete for respect and survival in an invasive and brutal environment where privacy is a distant memory and freedom is a myth. Examined closely by the sinister prison guard and by our hungry eyes, they will ultimately descend deeper and deeper into paranoid rage. The criminals’ idol will be executed in a month. How do you replace a god? Who will survive the fight? Deathwatch explores Jean Genet’s inverted religiosity and investigates the needs for saints in hostile worlds.


"shocking and intellectual drama” 



Text: Jean Genet

Translation: Bernard Frechtman

Cast: Hugh John, Jackson Milner, Peter Clements, Christopher Wickenden

Director: Sînziana Koenig

Set and Costume designer: Robin Soutar

Light designer: Sam Tozer

Sound designer: Daniel Balfour

Co-artistic director of BÉZNĂ: Nico Vaccari

Produced by BÉZNĂ Theatre.