In June 2015 we were invited to run a five day focus group for teenagers at Teatrul Gong in Sibiu, Romania dealing with sexual education and how an absence of it potentially leads to self-education through pornography.

Alongside students between 15 and 17 years old we explored the questions:

- Does a society that oppresses sexual education/discussion consequently force its younger most vulnerable generations to seek answers from pornography?

- Is a lack of sufficient and compassionate sexual education contributing to growing misogyny, rape and violence against women in Romania and across the world?

- Are the boundaries between mainstream culture and pornography blurred and how is this affecting the younger generations?

All the students told us that they were very disappointed that their schools failed to provide them with any form of competent sexual education, to explain to them that women are not biologically inferior to men, to discuss the links between sexual violence and pornography. Over the 5 sessions we discovered that there are generations of citizens in Romania who want and need sexual education, who want and need gender equality and who want to stop the relentless violence against women which is only propagated by the pornography that surrounds them.

This focus group was our first step towards developing boyz and girlz written and directed by Sînziana Koenig at Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika in Bucharest.

I believe that we would live in an equal society if everyone would have heard what we heard here, and was able to remember at least half of what we spoke about.
— An anonymous response to the workshop from one of the participants.