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Support us

We’re fundraising to make ILLEGALISED happen. Your donations will go towards helping us pay everyone involved to bring the true lived experiences of the people we interviewed to the stage.

There can be no art without artists and there can be no political, world-changing theatre without the people involved. We firmly believe that artists deserve fair payment for their work and we want to make sure we can deliver that.

Your donations will pay for:

  • the Refugees' fee to be present in rehearsals 1 day/week (2x£400)

  • the Set and Costume Designer's fee (£1500)

  • the Lighting Designer's fee (£1200)

  • the Sound Designer's fee (£1200)

  • the two Director-Writers' fees (2x£2000)

  • the Producer's fee (£2000)

  • the Actors' fees (4 individuals x £455 x 4 weeks)